Anyone listen/own to the Yamaha GT-5000 Turntable?

There’s not a lot of reviews outside of seeing it at various audio shows. The think looks like a tank. I’d be curious how the 5000 performs against other TT’s in the price range (VPI, etc). The turntable is beautiful to look at.
 I have never seen it in person least of all heard one. What I don’t like about it is the fact that it is belt drive, not direct drive as were the classic Yamaha turntables after which it is designed. What I do like about it is the very novel and interesting underhung tonearm. I am very interested in such designs, but that’s just me. 
Dear @lewm  :  ""   I do like about it is the very novel and interesting underhung tonearm....""

It's not a " novel " tonearm, Yamaha made perhaps the first ( that kind of " novel " design. )  tonearm type design in 1985.
Yes the vintage GTs were DD nad coreless motor.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONs,
Thank you for your continuing surveillance of my posts.  I don't know what I would do without your oversight.  Not only is the new tonearm not novel to Yamaha, but it is also not novel in that the Viv Float and the 47 Labs RS-A1 tonearms, which have been on the market for a long time, are also underhung, to name only two.  I think also there is or was a Nottingham Analog tonearm that is underhung.  In this case, what I meant by "novel" is that it is novel to have a commercially marketed turntable/tonearm combination that includes an underhung tonearm already mounted on the turntable.  So, I guess you could say I misspoke on this major topic. Since the earth might have fallen into the sun, if you had not corrected me, I can only thank you.
@lewm : I only said that the " novelty " came at least from 1985 when Viv or other today same designs had nothing yet. The rSA 1 ( I owned ) was unipivot and his headshell rotates, diferent from the Yamaha  and certainly the Viv ( magneto-oil floating bearing. ) .

Raul, have you ever heard the VivvFloat?
I’d like to know what you thought of it. I thought about buying one in Tokyo where they cost about 60% of he US retail price. But did not.
I’m not Raul, but I’ve had the 9" CB (carbon fiber armtube) for 6 months now. Mounted on a Teres 245 with SME 3012R, I find the latter really relaxed and easy--just gets out of the way with no strain. Tho similar, the Viv is more bold and rich, populates the soundstage much more fully. Used with a rotation of MMs plus Krell KC100, Koetsu Onyx, etc.

I've also had the RS Labs (with Audio Advancements rewire) for years, and find it similarly easeful, but thinner than either of the above.