anyone like Anna Nalick?

I am curious about her album, the song "breath" is pretty poetic and could seem to be part of a good album, anyone have this and can comment on her?
It is an outstanding album. If you like "Breathe" (2 am) I believe you will like the whole disc.

Btw, two more albums that I've purchased recently are wonderful also, Gavin Degraw, "Charoit" and James Blunt, "Back To Bedlam". Both incredible albums by these guys. Happy listening.

wow! I was just going to post a response to a thread "what can't you just not stop playing?" and I happened to scroll down and saw your post!
Yes, Miss Nalick has put out a great album. Breathe is a great song!
Have you ever listened Chantal Kreviziak (sp?)
You would like her latest album :-)
I just bought Nalick's CD...pretty good young song writer, maybe like Jewel a little bit, thanks for the Chantel tip.