Anyone knowledgeable on the Mastersound 300B SE?

I'm considering the purchase of a demo SET integrated, the Mastersound 300B SE.

So far my net research suggests that Mastersound, an Italian tube amp designer actually manufactured the VAIC 300B SE integrated. And at some time later Mastersound began producing the identical amp in a similar chassis under their own name.

Its been further suggested that Mastersound and Ayon were involved in a design and build process at some point before Ayon went out on its own.

Does anyone have any definitive information on the quality of the Mastersound product? I understand they're best known for building superb transformers.

The '08 Stereophile review of the Mastersound 300B SE was rather glowing. I've got single driver speakers so a low watt SET integ would meet my needs.

Thanks to all in advance.

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Awesome amp. I had one in my house powering a pair of devore super 8's and later a pair of nines. 24 watt's with not too much to double down on so be careful to pair with the right speakers.

Smooth, detailed, full of bloom but not a dull bloom. Beautiful.
I remember hearing them maybe 10+ years ago at the Stereophile Show in NYC. They had one of their 300B(?) amplifiers powering an extremely wide, exceptionally shallow loudspeaker, featuring a Lowther driver. You might have come across pictures of that speaker.

The sound was phenomenal. The kind of presentation that will never let me forget it. I was intrigued enough to begin researching things, and the whole Ayon/Mastersound/Vaic thing became a bit confusing to me.
I have a Mastersound 300B PSE and it uses 4 300B tubes. I'm thinking about selling would you like first dibs?