Anyone know who is making Integra Reseach gear?

I understand that the amp is a BAT. Is this true? How about the preamp/processor?

Integra is made by Onkyo with design help from BAT.
Thanks Onhwy61.

I understand the amp is based on BAT designed of their multi-channel amps, but is the processor an Onkyo on steroids?

The Pre is made my Onkyo , BAT , and Apogee. I own the pre and I love it. The amp is good, but I prefer and own Classe.
You can read a thorough review on
Stereophiles Guide to Home Theater, Feb 2001.
Integra Research is a 100 per cent daughter of Onkyo, which was founded to market high end-designs of Onkyo - and that includes R&D. They have a good website, too.