Anyone know where to buy Hi-Fi World in US?

I would like to purchase the October issue of Hi-Fi World. Anyone know a retailer where this is sold? I have checked locally at Borders and B&N, with no results. I can order direct, but a single issue gets pricey w/ shipping!
Borders in Ann Arbor and Birmingham (MI) used to carry it.
Thanks Jburidan.

Can anyone else confirm this - I might have to try a different Borders?
They seem to show up from time to time at both Barnes and Noble and Borders but not consistently. There is a huge Broders in King of Prussia, PA that you could call - they have had just about all of the overseas journals in the past. I have also purchased an issue at the big BN store in Baltimore's inner hardbor, but that's probably a 3 hour drive for you.
OK, I'll keep checking (or call) Borders and B&N. My B&N has four other UK titles with 'Hi-Fi' in the name, just not Hi-Fi World. Go Figure!