Anyone know what these funky vintage speaker are?

I just acquired a really funky looking set of speakers. I have no idea what they are except that they are vintage. No markings of the maker anywhere on the speaker. The only information I see on them is this: on the bottom of the woofers, one says Nordmende, the other says Made in Holland. It looks like it is a modified 9750M speaker and is marked 9750M. The capacitor is Sprague and looks like 1960's? It has a nice, unique sound quality to it.
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Several companies in the 60s made speakers in such a configuration including Hegeman, Brociner(?) and Eico in the US. Basically, there was a relatively standard upward-aimed mid- or full-range cone driver with an appended and elaborate flower-like attachment. The intention was to provide wide but somewhat controlled treble radiation. More info here:

Nordemende made consoles and packaged component systems but probably sourced components from Philips and others.
That first photo looks like something Tim Burton would have used in a movie starring Johnnie Depp.

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Very cool speakers! Never saw anything like that before. thanks for sharing the photos.
They do look like the Eico HFS-2 in the links provided by Kr4.
So - how do they sound?
To Roger - Thanks for the info.! Was able to find out what these are in some of the links. They are the Eico HFS-2 speakers designed by Hegeman. So thanks again for the help.

To Mateored. They sound incredible for something out of the late 50's. The midrange and tweeter have a quality hard to describe - very real, very airy with good stage. The bass is not as strong. Neither the high end or low end are great, but the midrange has a quality I have never heard before. The voices are so isolated from the music. I love these, but will be pitting them on the market soon. (Just don't have a space in my current system - too bad) Thanks for the inquiry.
Roger that. ;-)

07-16-12: Nonoise
That first photo looks like something Tim Burton would have used in a movie
starring Johnnie Depp.
That depends on the movie. I think Willy Wonka's speakers would been the Vivid Giya G3.

And although the speaker has been identified, for convenience's sake here's the brochure for the OP's mystery speaker. Quite a backwave horn for that driver. Adjusted for inflation these would have cost nearly $2200/pair.