Anyone know what the situation is with Audio Aero?

Does anyone know what the situation is with Audio Aero, like repairs, US distributor communication, availability of parts, etc? I have been thinking about buying one of their CD players (probably Capitole MK2) since I really liked the way they sounded. Thanks.
I bought mine used almost 20 years ago and have had no problems. Still plays fine and sounds great. Old technology now and I would agree that buying one today might not be a great idea given the many other choices out there.
dnath ----This firm repaired my Audio Aero in 2015 after years of faithful use. They are great people and responsive too.  Good luck. 

Sedonix Electronics
9530 E. Cornville Rd. #C
Cornville, AZ 86325
Wait for one to hit the market.I wouldn't pay more than 1,500 for one.As long as the transport works the electronics seem bomb proof.Mine has 15 years of continuous use.Never turn it off and replaced subminiature tubes only once because I felt like it, not had to.Good luck.Oh yes, almost forgot, it's one of a handful of cd players that doesn't sound like chalk on a blackboard.