Anyone know what's up with Shelter Japan?

Shelter seems to have a rapidly dwindling presence, these past few years. I own and very much enjoy their Accord and Harmony cartridges (their #2 and #1 top models, respectively). Particularly the 2nd from top Accord, which simply has PRAT for days and can rock almost as well as my Koetsu Blue Lace. I’ve inquired a few times with my Shelter dealer, and still can’t get any info on potential retip / rebuild / exchange services. Furthermore, it seems the Accord and 9000/7000/5000 models have been removed from the Shelter Japan website in the past year. Not replaced by new models - simply removed. The Accord was only introduced in 2014! Honestly if they were to keep only one of the Accord / Harmony models, I’d rather it be the Accord. I guess it never got on the review / mag / rag treadmill like the Harmony, and got phased out too soon :( 

Anyone got any pertinent info on what’s going on with Shelter? I’d hate to learn they’re on the way out, but the signs don’t look good.
Saw them in stores in Tokyo as recently as last June, which may or may not prove anything. Maybe they’re concentrated on the Asian market. Or maybe there is a problem with US distribution, or both.