Anyone know what kind of XLO speaker cable this is

I am looking into picking these up, the seller thinks they are from the reference series and are about 10-12 years old, any thoughts?
Reference Type 5
Yes, that is Reference Series
I didn't think to mention this in my post but those cables are more than 12 years old. They came out in the early 90's (91 or 92 I think). Also, they are very difficult to work with. Unless you can get them really cheap, I wouldn't bother with them.
Thanks guys, I did pick up that XLO cable and it is pretty stiff to work with but does sound pretty nice with my Joseph RM25L speakers. I ended up catching an amazing deal on some more XLO Reference cable, paid 30 bucks for this!

and got this Marigo cable for a steel of a deal too:

Any background on either of these cables?