Anyone know what amp this is?

I'm new to this stuff, but I saw this amp in a slideshow and am pretty blown away. I'd love to get something like this. Anyone know what kind of amp this is?*482/Pearson-Trent-residence-interior-turntable.jpg

Also, in building a basic system, do I need to be looking for a preamp and power amp? Or can I take something like this:

and drive a line-level input into some speakers?
It took me awhile to figure out which Dwell article it was due to a bad link, but the amplifier pictured in the Dwell article appears to be a Jolida JD102B Integrated Amplifier. Nice setup but the vinyl collection is even more impressive.
It is a Jolida 102B. I have one in my bedroom system and it's very good, especially with upgraded tubes. However, it's an integrated amp without a phono stage. So, if you want to spin LPs, you'll need a phono stage.
The Jolida102B is a well built tube amp for the price. Imaging is impressive.
Thanks guys. Looks like its right in my price range too.

Any recommendations for some budget-minded speakers that would work well with the JD102B?
Any ideas what the speakers are?
Any ideas what the speakers are?
Jim Rogers JR149's, British, similar to the LS3/5a except for the cabinet.

Note: I believe the reference is incorrect in spelling the name as "rodgers"; it should be spelled "rogers."

-- Al
If you buy a Jolida 102B, get the latest model, no more than 2 years old. Current models have upgraded capacitors, wiring, and hexfred diodes. Also, make sure you're not buying from By the way, I'm driving relatively inefficient Totem monitors with my 102B to great effect.