Anyone know/use River Cable or Lat International?

I'm wondering if anyone experimented with either one of
these companies?

According to stereophile the rivercable digiflex is the best digital cable at ANY price and it's only $42/1 meter.

This one is a bit more than river cable but also fairly reasonable by comparison.

I used Lat International for years. Loved 'em. Cannot beat the price and quality. The sound is very tough to beat at twice the price. peace, warren
I have all LAT wire in my "yoga room" system. A very balanced sound for the price. Use balanced between Psss X-1 preamp and X-350 amp, RCA for CD/DVD and tuner and single wires to Dunlavy V speakers. Very smooth for my wife's practice and doubles as a great party/dance system.

In general, these are a mellow cable. Have a full range with some emphasis on the bass and mid range. I have tried other wires and of course the sound is different, but for my room/use these are a real bargin. Great guys to do business with as well.
I also use LAT Intrnational with great results. Speaker, interconnects and digital.
I used LAT in the past, Lou (of LAT) is a great guy to deal with. After some comparisons I do not feel it is a giant killer, it is decent cable for the price. Maybe some giants just are only giants in their price.

A friend of mine compared the top LAT IC to Nordost Blue Heaven and the differences were very subtle at most; both are priced near each other.