Anyone know the Mission 747 tonearm?

Hi. I've got one, but I don't know if it is a good tone arm, or a mediocre one. Has anyone here ever heard one?

I don't think Mission made a 747 arm. Grace made a 747, Mission made the 774 and 775 arms.

If it is 774, the below link will give you some info. BTW, it's an excellent arm, if it's still in good shape.
Sorry, I screwed that link up. Here it is:
I use to sell them in the 80s. They are still a very good arm if in good shape. If I remember the only trouble I had was with the connection of the signal leads to the tone arm as they are soldered on. But works well and sounds good, wish I had kept one.
Thanks all. And yes, it is the 774, not 747.