Anyone know the Martin Logan Ascent?

I'm a dedicated Martin Logan fan. I'm excited about the new Ascent. Has anyone auditioned them? Will they replace the SL3? My attempts at e-mailing Martin Logan have been unsuccessful. Thanks!
If you check the web site they have updated it... they seem to have removed the SL3 from the site... Look for a whole bunch of used SL3's to hit the market anyday now... Miles
According to ML: "The SL-3 is being replaced by the new Ascend begining in Sept." The reQuest is on the drawing board for an upgrade but they will not be replaced this year. Happy listening Hasse
I already ordered one. The unit is $4000, Martin Logan sent me the PDF for the Ascent, the LF is only 35hz but if its anything like the changes from the Monolith to the Prodigy, it should play louder, have more intergrated bass and be tighter sounding. The Ascent is 64x13x22 deep and weighs 72 pds. I'm very excited. Dont know if I should upgrade my order now to the Prodigy. But this unit should prove like ML said to be better then the Requests. BTW people who say you can't use a subwoofer with Martin Logan's are wrong. What do you think their using with the panels right now :o) Get a Rel if you want more bass, or just the Prodigy!
I'm trying to assemble the system to combine with ML Ascent or Request speakers since I love their sound. My budget
for the rest of the system is around $5-6K. Any recommendations?