anyone know the lsa 2 speaker vs the vandy 2ce?

do i replace the vandy or stay. iching for a change and new look but dont want to compromize overall quality especially bass? running marantz 2270, 2 kimbers for bi wire pr and 4tc , cardas crosslink 11, and using directv and a oppo for source. the lsa is much better looking and smaller footprint, but will noy sacrifice quality sound. price range 1 to 1.5 k
thanks to for the response.
The LSA 2s sure look and sound like the Von Schwiekert VR2, that was a very good speaker.
This is a complicated question. There are three levels of LSA speakers. IMHO the Statements or the top level are strikingly better than the Standards or cheapest. I also think the LSA1 Statements are superior to the LSA2 Statements in every regard except the bottom end bass below 35 Hz.

I don't think the Vandersteen 2ce are in the same league.
Want a major improvement?
Why not just add a Vandersteen Hi Pass with the Vandersteen 2WQ The High pass allows the amp in your 2270 to recover faster.
when leveled and properly set up you will experience a dramatic improvement in the whole systems clarity and transparency.
Do a search or post on 2WQ and read what all of the folks who have done this properly say.
Cheers Johnnyr
so it looks like a tossup. looks like there are poelple in both camps.

tbg you said you didnt think vandy were in the same league better or worse? lookibng at the lsa 2

thanks to all
Bryon84, I owned Vandersteens 2Cs long ago and was very impressed with them versus what was available then. I have followed Richard's evolution in speaker design over the years, including listening to the new designs at the last CES. I also have listened to the LSA1s and LSA2s under similar circumstances. The LSA1 Statements are in my opinion strikingly capable of realism in all but the lowest two octaves. All that I can recommend is that you give them a listen, somehow.
tbg and others,
so if you were me and wanted to get more realism than from the vandersteens, where would you go assuming a 1500.00 to 2k budget. all options open. dont really have room for a sub. want to stay 2 chan, but have the most complete sound i can!!! am willing to beef up the amp from marantz 2270 to possibly ksa 100( or others??), but want to stay with the boom bass and sweet highs. and size does matter. is it possible to be wowwed and to want to sit down and listen to everything i have and directv music again???
i live in a city with one high end audio store. 2-3 hr to any other city. help!!! tbg what speakers are you listening to now???cost??
Bryon84, I presently listen to the old version of the Acapella LaCompanellas which cost about $24k. I never mentioned them, of course. I also love the Reference 3A Grand Veenas which cost $8k. I am also shocked by the Sanders Sound electrostatic speakers with their 1000 watt amp which combined with everything you need cost $12k. I also recently reviewed the LSA1 Statements. This is why I entered into this discussion. They are also why I touched on your concern about bass. The get down to about 38 Hz effectively, image exceptionally, and have an outstanding top end. All for $2500. There is nothing comparable to them at that price.

I have DirectTV in New Mexico. Yours must be better than what I get as I cannot listen to it. FM is far superior.

I have never really had much access to dealers, so I can understand how difficult it has now gotten to hear these. All of the speakers I mention above were originally heard by me at CES or the RMAF. Curiously, for me, none get the "best of show" awards in the rags.

I would also look into the Exemplar/LSA Statement integrated amp in its latest form to run all of the above except the Sanders Sound.
i wasnt sure if you got my email so sorry if this bothers.
if i get the lsa 1 where do i get the low end from( below 38hz)? and is the power ok marantz 2270?
thanks bryon
Bryon84, I did not get your email. Frankly, you would have to get a very fast pair of subs, and this would put you out of your price range. The Vandersteens do not have much bass either, but perhaps down to 30 Hz, which is about what the LSA2s get.

I have a friend with LSA2 Statements who just got Tonion DL-T1s and thinks they are superior to the LSA2s. They also might be something you consider. They are $1800 a pair but only go down to upper 30 Hzs.
so there is not a full range speaker that actually goes to 20 hz or lower? or do you have to spend big $$$$$$? is your first name possibly tobin?
thanks for your response
It is rare for a speaker to get down to 20 Hz unless it is enormous in size. I used to have seven feet tall and 15" in diameter subwoofers with 2000 watts on them. They got down to 17 Hz. I never could integrate them with anything. I also only had Hartley 24" subwoofers first mounted a ceramic sewer tiles and later in big boxes. They couldn't do much over about 24 Hz. I think I had 700 watts on each.

Nope, Norm
thanks for you input,
so what your are saying is foor under 5k within the last 10yrs, the lsa 2 sig or lsa 1 sig is my best bet for a full range speaker depending on size that i want
for analog and 2 speakers( no subs).
my best to you
Bryon84, I am really just saying that I have found several speakers that you should listen to whether that is easy or not. The LSA1 Statements, not Signatures, are the best monitor style speakers I have heard and are a great value, but the bass is good only into the upper 30s. Then again few speakers get into the lower 30s or lower.