Anyone know the gain of Rogue M-150's?

Can't seem to find this info from their website. I know the sensitivity is 1v, blah, blah. But that doesn't do much good when you're trying to match amps


150 watts into 8 ohms takes 35V

volts = square root (watts x ohms)

sensitivity = Vout/Vin

sensitivity = 35v/1v = 35

gain dB = 20 log (Vout/Vin)

gain dB = 20 log (35/1) = 30dB
Thanks Herman!

Boy am I red faced! Perhaps I should give back my EE degree.
sensitivity = Vout/Vin

sensitivity = 35v/1v = 35

I used the wrong term here. Vout/Vin is gain, not sensitivity, but the rest of the math is right. I taught this stuff for 10 years so I'm a little red faced too.