Anyone know the fuse value of the Proceed AVP2?

Wanted to buy an aftermarket fuse to see if performance can be improved upon but have too many components plugged in already. Don't want to open the unit and wait for fuse to arrive or will have to do it twice. Anyone in the know, please chime in and thanks.

wouldnt the instruction manual say what fuse is in there ?

Or give them a call and ask them
Someone may use this:

It's a one amp, slow blow, small size type. I am looking into higher end audio fuses such as Hi Fi Tuning Fuses or Isoclear (check sp. on both). I heard they may enhance current flow better than changing out some high end power cords.

Here's a link I'm looking at:

Thanks for your response. I figured it out after removing the chasis cover. I ended up putting in some Furutech fuses. Couldn't really isolated the improvements specifically to the fuses as I also changed power cords and outlet among other things. Collectively, I am liking what I hear.