Anyone Know the fuse size in the Joule- Electra VZN100 and LA-300 pre amp

Guys just picked up a set of late MK4 VZN-100 and the LA-300 ME pre- I want to order the syn. black fuses for the units as I have had great success using them in the past-Since both the amps and pre are being shipped now I would like to order the black fuses ahead of time-
Also can anyone comment on whether it is worth while to upgrade the pre to Platinum status and what the dif in sound might be and also what cables you are using-
thks in advance-

Try contacting Rich Brkich at Signature Sound in Liverpool, NY.
He was THE Joule Dealer, and still does repairs on them as I understand.

I'm sure that he would know the fuse sizes, and may even be the only one left doing the Platinum mods.
thks tried rich - he does not remember- he is going to do the mods if I decide to go that way- just not sure how much of a dif. it makes- thks
Don't the fuses in the amp and preamp have values stamped into the metal end casings?
Don't the fuses in the amp and preamp have values stamped into the metal end casings?
I would assume so, but the OP does not have the amps yet and wants to pre-order the fuses an advance of the delivery of his amps.
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If the equipment is new I would check with the manufacture to make sure the manufacture’s warranty will not be voided if the OEM fuses are replaced by the syn black fuses. 

The equipment can't be new, as Joule Electra went out of business a few years ago. Obviously can't check with the manufacturer either, because they are out of business.
@fluffers Sorry I do not have the fuse values for all the Joule gear committed to memory... (plus the amps rarely blow fuses unless something is (very) wrong) with the wide range of amps and preamps made over the years, I need to look this stuff up or check actually gear. Jud was not the greatest with some of his documentation which does not help.

I pulled a VZN-100 manual (from a MK3/IV OTL) from the pair I have for sale right now ... a pair of VZN-100's has SEVEN fuses. Main power fuse (on Variac unit) which you may find to be a 10A to 15A slow blow. Then on the back of each amp chassis there are  two B+ fuses (3A fast blow) and one "8 to 10 amp" (yes, that is what the manual says) slow blow on the filament string power input IEC on the amp chassis.

Now this is ONLY for a VZN-100, the values are most likely different for VZN-80, VZN-160 etc etc.

My preamp manual(s) I have do not list the power fuse size at all (and I have never had to replace one). I had to pull the fuse from my LA300ME to see it is a 2A Fast blow (small size type).

Other info on Joule-Electra gear (product literature, old Joule show hand outs and white paper type info, a number of old reviews and old prices lists) can be found on my Joule-Electra info/resource page: 

Rich Brkich
Signature Sound