Anyone know price of Wilson Benesch Triptych stand

Asae two (or did you know how things like stands or non company mainstays go in and out of availibilyt all the time.Both don't look cheap.New VPI stand is $600 but top is (gulp) $500 with 3" hight and problet some deadening material if only sande.Can be set up on Gingho like balls or on cones.Nice but nothing in loooks or presumed vibe killing of carbon fibre tubes of WB.Fub\nny given what what one soundstage reviewer said that unlike Linn,Graham, etc the crbon fibre arms of WB are inert letting no motor or tapping to come through.Now if they had a remonavable tube like VPI or a removable head like SME I'd reconsioder my alligance to VPI.Want to get newer model with ring clamp but what I like about all tables including my oversize (kill) Aries extended and 12.5 I'd go WB if I could quick swap Carts.Now it looks like Blacknight odered with clear platter for outer ring or a Scoiutmaster.Wanbt signature arm two extra tubes and SDS eith ouuter clam p in any caseN.ot sold on new flywheel/motor as when I got Aries was toild my company tech not to get flywheel as it improved TNT but actualy could decrease quality of Aries.Now that they are making (yet again) and add on this one I might skip for simple 300 rpm motor of right hight.And thionk Harry was wrong about no antiskate (so told by Wally of Wallly toold fame who said of course by his it would be better never having scene/heard harry's.But that's salesmanship and to a small guy like Wally every pitch counts.Sammler,use 9" arms and giove up VTA on fly,Sig arm with coule extra tubes,clear platter for ring clamp,anti skate,an I am out.I know this tarted about stands Wilson Bnesch verus VPI but other issues crept in.Comments abut approach to either?
I con't even figur out wha your quezstion is.
Boy what scatter shot and typos galore.Have Aries and will have VPI in fture.Read somnwhere that a guy felt something missing and he was told his rack not up to snuff.Went deep and bought vibe killing Wilson Bnesch but they make two and most must be expensive.Always thought heavy rack from Sound Anchor would be best,or VPI (legs canb be filled).But after seeing that Wilson Benesch deal and knowing how good carbon fibre isin killing vibrationb (either with WBV's arm's or Black Diamond Products) I also know that Carbon fibre is expensive.Did extensive Google serach and couldn't come up with price for WB's audio or turntable rack which has a few less shelves.Imagine there both big bucks.Sorry for putting up post when too tired to make sense or eeven be readable.So anybody know cost of these Wilson Benesch racks or something else that,errr doesen't "rock"