Anyone know or heard Rane AC 22S Active Crossover?

I'm hoping someone has some knowledge of this company. This crossover was recommended by JL Audio. It looks pretty good but I don't have any knowledge about the quality or anything else about this product of company. This is the companies description:

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Configures as a stereo two-way or mono three-way.

The Rane AC 22S Active Crossover employs state-variable 4th-order Linkwitz-Riley filter alignments to eliminate phase problems. To further enhance transparency, it features adjustable time delay circuits on the low (and mid when used as a 3-way) outputs to compensate for any physical misalignment of the drivers. A mono subwoofer switch provides the option to sum both low outputs in stereo 2-way mode. The Rane AC 22S utilizes XLR connectors with active balanced inputs and outputs.

Rane AC 22S Active Crossover Features:
Employs 4th-order Linkwitz-Riley filter alignments to eliminate phase problems
Features adjustable time delay circuits on the low (and mid when used three-way) outputs to compensate for physical misalignment of drivers
Mono subwoofer switch provides the option to sum both low outputs in stereo two-way mode
XLR connectors with active balanced inputs and outputs
Rane AC 22S Active Crossover Specifications:
Alignment Delay yes
Analog Ins xlr
Analog Outs xlr
Channels 2
Compression no
Configuration 2-way Stereo/3-way Mono
EQ yes
Feedback Elimination no
Limiting no
Number of Ins (LDSPKR MGNT Processors) 2
Number of Outs (LDSPKR MGNT Processors) 4
PC GUI Control no
Type Crossover
The website is:
I was wondering how this would compare to the Bryston 10b sub or the equivalent Marchand?

Thanks in advance!
I've known of Rane for many years. I had considered them long ago for an analog PEQ. They are an engineering company; not a high-end audio company. I would have no hesitation in buying any of their products if it fit a need. Recently, I've been considering their RPM system as a way to roll-your-own digital room correction.

I assume that JL Audio suggested this product so that you can high-pass your main speakers, right?

Obviously, the Bryston 10B SUB costs significantly more than the Rane -- you're paying for the 20 year warranty. It is specifically designed for sub duties.

Another choice is the NHT X2 filter ($350) --

Of course, the Delay feature of the Rane could be quite useful for a subwoofer. The NHT X2 does not have this; not sure about the Bryston.

Even if you don't buy anything from Rane, spend some time looking through their Rane Notes.
Thanks Bob. Yes, JL Audio did put me onto this. Do you think this will be audiophile quality? I'm intrigued by the time delay aspect to align the drivers.
Has anyone tried the DBX or NHT crossovers?

Has anybody audtioned Bryston 10Bsub vs the Marchand XM 44 2AA?
I may have a crossover shootout when I recieve my new subs.
Don't forget about Pass xvr1 active analog crossover
I would expect the Rane crossover to be completely transparent and its 4th order slope prefereable to the 2nd order of the NHT.

I have a friend using the NHT X2 filter (Pass X1 preamp, Parasound JC-1 amps, Martin Logan SL3 speakers and ML Depth sub) and he loves it. He had been using the internal high-pass filter in the ML sub.

Another choice is this: Hsu also makes a high-pass only device.

A shootout of crossovers will probably reveal that they all have no sound of their own and the key will be sub placement and level matching to the main speakers.
Greetings: I have both a Rane CC22A and a Marchand XM44. I have also owned a Welborne xover and a Marchand XM26 in the past. The Marchands have better parts quality and use more discrete components. The Rane is a very nice unit and has a lot of flexibility. My friend Steve Sank at Talking Dog in Tucson swears by the Rane. I does a fairly simple up grade to the unit making it direct coupled (no caps) and says it sounds great. Even the stock unit isn't bad. Hope this helps...

Will Parker
Have you look into the Accuphase F-25 active crossover?