Anyone know of William Schaeffer Audio Design?

purchased a pair that has Sheffield components need to know if I got ripped off...
A pair of what? So many people post these cryptic threads and expect answers without giving complete or clear information.
sorry a pair of reference floor speakers that has Sheffield components. I would really need to email a pic to display what I purchased. Is that an option?
How about a link?
Think you got ripped off.
There you go again Ebm. How do you know that he got "ripped off?" Do you even know what it is that he bought?
Google turns up nothing for that company/person related to Audio. Where did you buy the pair of speakers...are you sure of hte company name? How about providing a URL to the sale item listing so we can have a look and give opinion?
I found an indication at another forum that a William Schaeffer Audio Design stand-mounted monitor was a rebadged and modified version of a Chinese-made Aurum Cantus speaker. So the same thing might apply to your floor-standing speaker. Perhaps you can find it among the models linked to on the left side of this page:

-- Al
Al, they are definitely the M-103 loud speaker. I figured as much they we rebadged. Not sure what they are worth but paid 350.00. Was looking to sell due to space but was not sure what I really had. Appreciate the help!!