Anyone know of an independent tech out there with experience in Bryston amplifier?

Howdy folks.  Looking for an independent servicer with experience with Bryston Amps. Specifically to do a recap job on a set of Bryston 7B ST mono units.  USA preferably.  


Why not ship the amps to Bryston? They charge very modestly for service and have a US address.

A potential buyer claims that they wanted $900 a unit.  Not sure if that's true.  Messaged them a couple times, and have yet to hear back.  Combined with shipping, it's not feasible.  

If they have references for Bryston service, I would consider. If not, it's back to the factory. You don't want inferior parts put in any Bryston equipment, I'm a Bryston fan.

Should you be within 3 hours, I would drive them there, for the safety of the amplifiers.

7B’s are,amazing,amps, lifers for sure.

don’t mess with some hole in the wall shoppe, have Bryston do the work.

if you,must,ship, pack them with gobs of large bubble wrap, triple boxes, foam, peanuts, etc. 


   good luck.

What market are you in?  I know a bunch multiple techs who can do the work.  

Central Texas, but shipping is fine as long as it's in the USA.  

Geographically, that is a gap for me.

I would contact Steve at "The Service Department" in Bridgeport, CT. He is the national repair center for a lot of brands and is an ex Krell employee. I would be shocked if he can’t fix it. That being said, at that distance you may as well send it to Bryston.

The other that could be better in terms shipping is Deltronics in Chicago.  They have done some work for me and are the service center for Naim and Musical Fidelity.  Again, I would be shocked if they have not worked on and are comfortable with Bryston.   

@verdantaudio Awesome.  Thank you so much for the leads.  Just what I was hoping for.  Much appreciated.  

Bryston used to have a service center in Vermont for many years.

It has since been closed. Now all repairs are sent back to a central location in the United States, then they go to the production facility in Peterborough, Ontario,Canada.

I would just send the units back to Bryston. The repair costs while not cheap, are actually pretty reasonable.They built the stuff, so why not let them work on it?