Anyone know of a speaker mod or upgrade service?

I see ads here all the time for electronics upgrades (particularly tube stuff), but does anyone know of a service that upgrades speakers?

To put this in perspective, I have an all-Linaeum home theater; the problem is that Linaeum themselves went out of business before HT hit it big, so they never actually made a center channel of their own.

Consequently, I was stuck buying an early post-buyout, Radio Shack-built center channel which happens to use a Linaeum tweeter.

Although it matches decently, it's definitely the weak point of the system; the midbass is particularly muddy, and it lacks the dynamic punch of the rest of my system.

I imagine that, since it is Radio Shack-build, the caps and woofers are complete junk. I'd love to upgrade it, but am far from comfortable with a soldering iron.

Of course, it may not even be worth it; I may be better off getting something that matches up decently with the rest of my Linaeum stuff (maybe a Maggie center channel?) so I'm totally open to suggestion.
Try contacting Ed Frias at EFE Speakers. Ed is a great guy and has done wonders with upgrading crossovers of some moderately price consumer level of speakers. You can contact Ed at .


Upgrade what you have or buy a pair of used Lineaum speakers and use one for the center channel. The second one could be saved for spare parts or 6th channel. Integration will be even more difficult if you start mixing brands.
They made a center channel. Here is a link to classifieds where someone is selling a system including a linaeum center channel.
Thanks for the tip Btheaudiophile - unfortunately the ones in the ad you linked to are an even later version of the one I have.

After Linaeum went bankrupt, Radio Shack started making speakers with the Linaeum tweeter under the RCA brand. They even adopted a B&W-esque yellow "kevlar" woofer. It was very squishy and sounded pretty bad.

I'm thinking at this point that it isn't worth upgrading (it doesn't match well enough to justify the money) so I may have to sell off my beloved Linaeums and switch to something that does have a matching center channel - maybe the Maggie MMG's or somesuch.