Anyone know of a reasonable Tonearm Cable??

I have an older turntable with a worn tonearm cable, I would like to replace it with something not priced in the stratosphere. It is a Sota Star Sappphire with MMT sumiko arm and Grado Reference cartridge

Well, you certainly don't want junk either -- too nice a setup as it is for that! OK, so give us a clue: where does the stratosphere begin for you?
Here's what I bought:

Zu runs these auctions on a very regular basis. I was able to get mine for exactly $150 - I was the only bidder. They'll terminate the cable anyway you want. If you can get it anywhere near the $150 starting bid, it's a great cable at a great price.

I recently had the Klotz tonearm cable in my Rega RB900 replaced with the Incognito wiring harness, and I've been very pleased with the improvement. I'm not sure if this cable will work in your Sumiko arm, but you could contact Brit Audio to find out. Here's a link to their page for the Incognito harness:

My other comment is to urge you to consider upgrading your arm. I, too, owned the Sumiko MMT arm, and used it briefly with the Grado Reference (4.5 mV output) cartridge. When I upgraded from the MMT to the Rega RB900, I was surprised at the degree of improvement in sound quality. The Grado Reference cartridge is an excellent unit, and to fully enjoy its capability it needs to be used with a top-quality arm.
I also just won a bid for a Zu Xaus for the entry bid of 150.00. I will be comparing it to a few others(all higher $$$) when it gets here.
Agree with Nagarch, It would be helpful to know what you consider the stratosphere. I'm currently using the breeze phono cable from Silver audio with a Grado ref(VPI version 1.5mv)/JMW10/TNT with excellent results. It is very fast and transparent without being bright. At around $400 it's certainly below what I would consider "the stratosphere" and probably competes with cables costing much more.
Franks, I thought the Silver Breeze (a great phono cable BTW) cost more like 600 or 800 bucks, no?
Actually, it's current price is $525 din-rca/xlr, $600 for rca-rca or xlr-xlr. When I bought mine a few years ago it was in the $400 range. Stil, resonablly priced, as cables go, and offers a lot for the ptice IMHO.
Another less costly option would be the Signal Cable silver resolution phono cable around $100-150 depending on the configuration.