Anyone know of a price listing for used lp's

Is there a website or book that you know of that lists the prices of used and collectible record albums?
GOLDMINES PRICE GUIDE,is a book, they have books for jazz,
rock,soul and more.
As a long time former record store owner I can say the for the most part "Price Guides" are the best case scenario for the seller.If one has the time and energy one could probably sale some of the recordings listed in these guides for the prices listed. For the most part they usually sale for less and sometimes far less. It depends on the market(large cities, record convention, audio shows ect). A good indicator of what records sale for include , E-bay(not always realabile) Audiogon and of course online record sales(usally high though) I found the best sources are independent used record stores. For whatever reason there are a lot of folks out there who think that everything that came out on vinyl is valuable.