Anyone know of a good, quiet, small fan?

Hi folks, I'm trying to increase the air circulation around my amplifier in its equipment cabinet. the back of the cabinet is completely open, and it's a pretty cavernous space, but I think heat dissipation could use a little assist. All of the fans I've found locally are too noisy. Ideally I'd like something that I could mount on the underside of the interior of the cabinet above and behind the amplifier, that would pull hot air out the back. Any good suggestions?
Try giving Falcon Northwest a call. They build high-end custom PC desktops and laptop computers. They have some really nice, quiet fans that might work for you.
PQ Fan. Using it as an exhaust fan out the back of rack.

Works great, So quiet that I can hardly hear it when TV is off and HiFi is at idle.
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Noctua fans
Procool rack fans are dead quiet.

I use two that have the thermistor and temp display.
You can set when the fan kicks in and when she shuts off.
The selection and variety gives you lots of choices.
Not sure how quiet they are, but Salamander makes fans for their Audio racks.
I like Zalman quiet case computer fans, which can be run off a 9V-12V wall wart. I use one to cool my enclosed HT system rack. The rack contains two digital cable boxes which generate a substantial amount of heat that needs to be vented 24/7.

Oops, sorry, bad link above.

Here is the correct URL for quiet case fans at EndPC Noise .com.

Look into laptop computer platform coolers, great value, low cost. You do not need a computer usb connection to power them as most can use outboard power warts. I use these to cool my tube amps, most provide little noise.
Get a BIG (120-140mm) but low RPM (600) computer fan. Those are by far the most quiet.
Vornado Zippi - about $25 and dead quiet. Cloth blades too, just in case the cat sticks his nose into it.
excellent suggestion all. Thank you folks.

Looks nice