Anyone know much about Digital Phase Audio

The factory for this company is here where I live in Chattanooga, TN and recently I stopped in for a listen and despite their webpage not being updated in years I was really impressed with their gear.

They make and finish their own cabinets in house and he even builds his own tube amps and crossovers etc. He is a bit of an eccentric genius type but his upper end speakers were some of the best I have ever heard. I have not seen a review or heard anyone talk about them for years so I am curious if any of you have heard them or not?

They appear to be very small with a limited if any retail distribution channel.
they are incredible speakers...way off the audiogon radar.
I've owned both the AP-4s and AP-2s in the past and loved both of them. The embarrass most of the high end designs out there and I have owned a lot of them. Very fast and articulate with great bass from their 'acousta-reed' technology. They don't advertise and not many know of them but those who do....
My first experience with Digital Phase was when I commissioned a set of custom built passive crossovers for a pair of reference speakers I was using, which at the time retailed for $24,000/pr. After coming to my house and doing in-room SPL measurements and driver impedence sweeps he completely redesigned the existing crossover and constructed it with premium parts. The result was an astounding increase in the neutrality, extension, detail and dynamics offered by this speaker.

Shortly afterwards I bought a pair of AP2s (circa $1800) for my video system. But when I tried them in my main audio system, they were amazingly good- even better than my reference speakers with the custom crossover. So I commissioned a new three-way design, which became to be known as the EP4.3 ($25,000 list). These are easily the best speakers I have heard anywhere, anytime, anyplace (even the CES shows) and at anyprice. If fact two of my friends who were also using the same $24,000 reference speakers that I used to own replaced them with the 4.3s, although they had the luxury of buying about any other speaker on the market (in the 5-figure range anyway). One of them actually flew in from California for a couple days for an extended demo, and decided to go the whole Digital Phase pathway within less than an hour of listening.

I also replaced my $23,000 preamp and $24,000 power amp with his custom designed hand built tube equivalents that retail for a lot less, and sound way, way, WAY better.

And one of the other owners of these EP 4.3 speakers replaced about $100,000 of solid state amplification with DPs tube gear and couldn't be happier- even with crappy resale values in todays depressed marketplace, he managed to pocket quite a chunk of cash while seriously upgrading the sound performance.

Are their gear the absolute best?... I have no idea. BUT, they are the best I have heard in my 30+ years of perpetually chasing the shadow of audio nirvana.
Do not worry about lack of mass market reviews, you won't find those since the company doesn't spend money on marketing.

Without any doubt these speakers are the real deal.

I have posted about them before, here and on Gearslutz. I compared directly to many competing high end models for use in my mastering studio and selected Digital Phase EP-SM1 to keep.

Certainly the best tweeter I have ever heard. Clean, tight bass extension.

Truly remarkable point-source dispersion, imaging, coherence, and depth -- I can sit in a chair, stand up, sit in the floor, move to the sides, whatever, and still hear almost the exact same sound.

An open, refreshingly honest sounding speaker. Highly recommended.

I think I have heard the 4.3s and I too thought they were some of if not the best I have heard. Thanks for all the feedback and I just dont understand why he has not found a good businessman to launch those products around the USA.
The 4.3s are really an 'all things to all people' type of loudspeaker (well, maybe except for the looks, which don't compete with the high-tech looks of Wilson, Avalon et al, although drop-dead-gorgeous hardwood burled finishes are available at a considerable surcharge)- to wit they have:

A. the slam of great dynamic speakers
B. taughtness and definition at the bottom end for those who favor acoustic suspension designs
C. the purest, most tonally neutral midrange to compete with the best electrostatics
D. a horizontal polar response that is not too far off an omnidirectional speaker...the sweet spot is the room!
E. genuine low end extension that makes any subwoofers redundant
F. Pure and very detailed treble that belies the fact that it is a metal (titanium) dome, that would tickle the fancy of any ribbon lovers.
G. A sculpted soundstage both front to back and side-to-side.
H. An extraordinary linear response (deviation no more than 0.4 dB or less across the entire audio band)

For those who are familiar with the British audio parlance-they do both 'flat earth' and 'round earth' qualities, without having to choose one over another.

The biggest problem is the inability of the vast majority of people to ever see or hear these...there is no dealer network, and only a handful of people own them (SE Tennessee, N. Calif and E. Canada, with one new owner in Detroit who has not yet received his pair).
People have no idea what they are missing. For me, It was finding that 1 pound gold nugget by tripping on it. Shit, did not know that was there?
The only speaker I would consider a contender would be 2805s. I could live with either. Though, the 4.3s come closer to the Quads than the Quads come to emulate the 4.3s.
how do they sound with electronic music (dance/trance)?
They used to advertise all the time in Audio and Stereo magazine in the 90s, then the company dissapeared.