anyone know John Doe and the Sadies?

i was just listening to NPR on my way home from work and heard Terry Gross interviewing John Doe regarding a new country album he and his band have done called "country classics". He describes it as "rough and tumble country with an edge". He was playing live in the studio and it was most intriguing. HIs voice puts me in mind of Bruce Cockburn on certain phrases. Anyone know this album?
the album's called country club; it's good but not great--a bit too reverent for my tastes, not really the harder edged thing i was expecting. i prefer the sadies own stuff--they're a very tight guitar band. most of doe's solo work is also worth checking out, although nothing will ever touch his original band, x--their first three albums are classic, though scarcely npr material.
It was so-so for me.If you want to hear some totally off the wall country,pick up Jon Wayne's "Texas Funeral".
The band X was the seminal LA post punk band. He played bass.
One of the most interesting albums of the year-- particularly on the songs where Doe fuses surf and blues reverb guitar with C&W. Excellent SQ on vinyl. This and Fogerty "Rides Again" were the best country rock of the year.
yes, it's been in my semi-regular rotation since it came out but I like classic country/americana & reverby Bakersfield guitar based music..."night life" is great..if you find you like the Sadies sound, try Favourite Colours.
I'm a little you just not know who John Doe or The Sadies are or do you wanna know how the album they did together is? Besides playing bass for X he was of course their singer with Exene. The Sadies starting getting popular because of their being the band behind Neko Case. If you want some recommendations for Neko or X just let us know...I'm sure we can help.
I just had not heard of John Doe before and thought he was quite interesting on this NPR session. Thought you folks could enlighten me and you have - thanks!
I would be interested on this album if John Doe had a better singing voice. I saw him live, and the vocals are not very good.
You people are nuts. This album is brilliant! For those of you who like Country Club should check out an album called Poor Little Critter On The Road by the Knitters. They were a country alter-ego to the band X. It is X doing great country classics. While Country Club is brilliant Poor Little Critter is pure genius.
Second the Knitters. Landmark cow punk album, alongside the Beat Farmer's Tales of the New West.