Anyone know Joel Payton from Columbus, OH?


My friend Joel Payton was (I am told) a frequent visitor to this site.  Joel passed away a bit ago, and I am trying to find any local (to Columbus, OH area) friends of his on this site.  I know this is a reach, but if you knew Joel and would be interested in chatting about any interactions you had with Joel I would apprecaite you reaching out.



any idea what his username was here?  might check with tammy the audiogon administrator...

I think/suspect that he may have posted often on the lengthy "What's on your turntable tonight" thread, but I'm not up to researching 4K-5K posts.

Anyone active on the thread know?



@dekay @koears  - I don't recall anyone named Joel, from Columbus, Ohio on the 46,ooo+ posts "What's on your turntable tonight" thread. We do have a Joel there, but he's from SoCal.

As @jjss49  said, maybe Tammy can provide his user name.


thank you to all that responded.  I was able to track down Joel's user name - Buckeyejoel.  found his password too.  Trying to help Joel's widow out in figuring out all the audiophile equipment and such that Joel accumulated - several rooms worth of gear.



glad you were able to sort that part out, good luck on the disposal of his gear and helping his widow, she is fortunate to have you as a friend

the customer base for this hobby is aging, we need new blood, more young ’uns to be captivated, like we were in our teens, 20’s, making it a lifelong passion bringing so much enjoyment and interest