Anyone know if Esoteric DV-30 is coming to the US?

I was on the Japanese Esoteric site and notices a DV-30. From what I can tell by looking at the back panel and using babble fish, its the same as the DV-50 except it does not have a balanced two channel output. It does however, have a DVI output! According to the site, the DV-50 sells for 500,000 yen while the DV-30 sells for 300,000 yen, quite a difference. It does have three filter options.

Any thoughts

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Wow, your not kidding. The DV-30 is almost slumming it with this line up. I should have taken a harder look on the web site. The UX-1 plays SACD/DVD, etc... and uses the VRDS clamping system similar to the one used in their P-70 transport. And like you said, its higher end at $11,500.