Anyone know how to determine bitrate/res on Stereophonic?

Without buying any gear, I mean.
When I wonder something, whether it's the bitrate of a song or if there's a way to know such a thing from a given streamer, sometimes I ask folks who might know. That's just the way my mind works. It's like a minor mystery getting solved.
If you were simply meaning to insult me by implying my post is void of meaning, I apologize for the explanation.
I answered this once but see it is gone for some reason. maybe I didn't hold my mouth right. I don't really understand the question but I have been downloading since Napster and have an understanding of bitrate. I don't know a formula. And I haven't played Mp3s in years. But I believe 320mbps is 4-5 megs per minute, probably closer to 5. 256kbps in 3.5 megs Flac is 768 I believe. Its been a while and I don't remember the formulas. Hope this helps
No insult intended. I just couldn’t fathom a reason. Curiousity is fine. Making me ask what is Stereophonic?
The only displays I have show bit depth and rates only for Red Book & up or the DSD rate.
Pretty commonplace.
If that is what you are asking.
Being defensive and curious doesn’t illuminate your quest very much.
I apologize. I’m still recovering from some of the replies to an earlier post.
stereophonic is a classical hi-res streaming site.
Never heard of it and not on Google. All streaming sites are bit rate published. Available info. with a good OS.

As far as previous posts just try a little harder to ask answerable questions. Asking if something is "disrespectful" when that is impossible is not something we can address.

It’s on everyone else’s Google.

They stream classical music in 44.1/16 and 48/24 but they don’t tell you when they’re doing one or the other. But it is possible to tell. In fact, so far as I can tell it’s the only service that delivers exactly the SQ they promise.  I haven't tested Qubuz, yet.
@m669326, don't do that, you seem to be able to weed through the BS and the a-holes just fine. Enjoy the music
Don't be sorry, I've never been sorry in my life, BUT I have apologized a time or two.

 As far as starting threads, just a little more information would work, shy of a short story will do just fine OP..

You want a display showing REAL TIME bit rates? That would be nice, see whos got the goods for sure, so to speak...

There is a program, no longer available, called MusicScope that gives that kind of information.