Anyone know Baltek Audio & Baltic 20/30/50/90s?

Anyone familiar with Baltek Audio of Latvia, and their line of speakers, the Baltic 20/30/50/90s?

As stated, this is a Latvian company, and seemed to operate in the early to mid 90's. Looks like driver construction was farmed out and built to the company's specs, and quality componentry and design utilized.

Cabinets are well built, and are of ported design via a slotted opening- perhaps more of an aperoidic design?

Upper models (50 & 90) also utilize adjustable mid and tweeter controls.

Who'da thunk!?!

I own two pair of the 30s and enjoy the deep rich bass this bookshelf, the approximate ballpark size of Paradigm Titans/NHT SuperOnes (which I also own), can produce.

The metal dome tweeter can be a bit bright in my lively room, matched with the wrong amp, mind you. But with proper amp and neutral room, no issues. The driver build quality is excellent, with cast frame woofers and quality tweeters, and the crossover is well-constructed with hearty caps and a protective netting over the components.

Cabinetry is also substancial,even if the grill proves a bit rustic.

Models sold, as far as I have found, are the Baltic 20 (size of a Paradigm Atom/NHT SuperZero), the afformentioned 30, a three way 50 and I assume a 3 way 90.

The 90 appears to require a large room to work properly, so I've read, due to the amount of bass it can deliver.

That's pretty much all I know about them so far...
I have heard the 20's, the 50's, 90's. It's a little bit of the Goldy Locks syndrome. The 90's and 50's are built like tanks of solid Baltic Birch and are very beefy.

The 20's were small, well made and made an overall good impression. The 90's carried the low end like nobodies business, but I thought they were a little thin in the mid range. The 50's however where dynamite! Solidly built with a very deep and detailed low end. The mids were crisp and the tweeter was a tad bright but excellent.

There are mid and high adjustment knobs on the back of each speaker (both the 90's and 50's) which really do provide a lot of flexibility as far as sound is concerned. Both the 50's and 90's can be played at astounding levels without distortion. I have to believe the drivers and crossovers are of very high quality.

If you ever get a chance at these, I'd recommend pouncing on them. After all, how many of your friends can say they have speakers made in Latvia!
Reviving this old thread.  Came across a pair of the B90's for the princely sum of $25.  They are in great shape with a couple of the dustcaps pushed in that I already pulled out with a little duct tape. 

Wow these are made to survive the next world war!  ( A little eastern European influence maybe) The woofer itself weighs 10lbs, 3oz.  The crossovers are substantial and loaded with top end looking caps and coils etc.  Well laid out too.  The wood cabinets glow.

I have not been able to try these yet in my main rig and listening room because they unfortunately have spring terminals only.  But I will.  Looked into swapping in some 5 way posts but the existing terminal are part of a 3 or 4 piece part that also contains the adjustment pots so it won't be the usual retro fit.  SOme have replaced the metal tweeter with soft domes apparently and that might be the way to go.