Anyone know anythng about this AT cartridge?


Is on a TT I have borrowed.
Does not show up on Audio technica site so it may be quite old-am not sure.

Any info appreciated.
I am not really sure what the PQ stands for (maybe something "quad"). I have a NOS and well used AT14Sa and a NOS AT15Sa cartridges which really sound damn good. They have nude Shibata stylii and were used a lot in quad systems back in the 70's. Note that they take ATN14 and ATN15 cartridges, respectively. I think yours would take a ATN12S. Might check with the or garage-a-records. com for more info. The stylii for th e14 and 15 are not all that easy to find (original AT's that is) and will cost anywhere from $75-100. Probably less for the 12. I would not accept aftermarket stylii for these cartridges if you plan to proceed. Tried one once and was sorry.
Thanks. I also picked up some info just tonite from Kevin at KAB.
He has an aftermarket stylus, but I may just go with a different cartridge.