Anyone Know Anything On McIntosh XRT25 Speakers

I am about to buy a set of McIntosh XRT25 speakers and there is very little info on the internet. I use a McIntosh MC252 Power Amp, McIntosh C41 preamp and a McIntosh MVP831 CD player and Only for true stereo as I have a McIntosh MHT100 and Canton Ventos for my small theater setup. Questions I have about the McIntosh XRT25's are 1)are they bass deficient 2)what is their real value and 3)is there something better in the $2000-3500 range with excellent bass. I love great bass and that is important to me in stereo speakers. I've owned a variety of bookshelf speakers since the early 60's and a number of floor standing as well. I've had DQ10's & 20's and didn't like lack of bass, Cerwin Vega VE115's great bass but too in your face, Altec 805s didn't like lack of bass, Klipsh Chorus great bass but too in your face..and others including JBL891A's a long time ago. So how is the bass on the Mc XRT25's and anything else anyone could tell me? I have never heard a set and buying without hearing them as they are far away from me. I'm new at this so please excuse my ignorance...1kent
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The XTR25s do have bass . . . but they're nothing special in this department . . . actually, IMO the big Mac line-arrays are nothing special, period. The other thing is that they're designed for big amps, and you probably need double the power of your MC252 to really wake them up.

I feel that the McIntosh speakers in general are well-made and competently executed, and reasonably priced considering this . . . but rather underwhelming from a sound standpoint. But some people really like them, and they will last a very long time, and hold their value well if you buy a pair used, and then get rid of them later. Instead of the XRT25s, I'd probably point you toward some of the coffin-shaped ones with the double 10"s (LS350s? 360s?) . . . much less hassle for shipment, setup, etc. and WAY less fallic in your living room.
I've heard the LS series and don't really care for them however the XLS360 are nice speakers. I also like XRT30 but who can afford a set? I'm not rich and I'm on a tight leash with coins, it took me 20 years to get to this point! I noticed that the XRT25's can be powered from 200-1000 watts so I thought I would be ok most of the time. I am just about to pull the trigger so that is why I went for help on the forum. I've had older Mc 7's and 14's and such but hated them. Always liked the look and idea of XRT22's, 25's 30's etc but never really driven any. I'm financially challenged so I can't make a mistake. I love my new(to me)used Mc set I just bought; MC252, C41 and MVP831(it won't play sacd though and I don't like that part)
so I sold off some old Mc gear I had to finance the speakers and the 25's looked like a good match...???...anyone ever drive a pair? Thanks
Personally, I would save my pennies for the XRT30. A true line array versus a tweeter array.

Have you looked at Newform Research? Similar look but uses a planar ribbon.
No XRT30's for me, I'm 62 now and not enough time to save that much money! They are crazy expensive for me!
Way over priced, over engineered garbage.(yes, I like their gear, just not the speakers) You can do much better for the money.
1kent, after reading your other posts . . . I'm changing my mind and thinking that maybe the XRT25s might actually be a good choice for you.

I was the authorized Mac servicer in the region when the XRT25/26 was brand new, and as such had tons of time to listen to them both in the showroom, with several different Mac amps. XRT25s really worked best with the MC500, and the XRT26s with the MC1000s. But the 25s were still workable with the MC300 . . . and it sounds like you have reasonable expectations on the matter. My recommendation for the LS's was mainly because I thought at the time they had punchier bass, especially when driven from a smaller amp . . . and you indicated that bass was a priority for you.

Another thing is that I personally HATE the aesthetics of just about all the speakers ever to come out of Binghamton (ML-4Ms, anybody?) . . . and I think the LS's simply aren't as imposing as the XRs. But if you like the look, then more power to you . . .

Many people have found that having an entire system from one manufacturer (i.e. McIntosh, Linn, B&O, etc.) is something that is very pleasureable from an ownership-experience standpoint . . . especially if they've worked for years to acheive it. That's generally not the sort of person that hangs out on Audiogon forums, so consider that bias here. And what the hell, you only live once . . . if the XRT25s are part of your dream system, go for it.
Kirkus, Thanks again, I'm glad to hear that you actually listened to a pair of 25's no one else has ever run any apparently....I'm just nervous about the spend, once bought they are mine for years and I hate to get speakers that don't have any depth or definition or clarity or separation or tight well defined bass. Basically that are not musical if that makes any sense...Not bass like concert halls or bars where it is over the top or in your face but equally as good sounding as highs and mids...Shoot, it's very possible I can't even describe what I like to hear!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I love the look of the XRT30's but in two lifetimes I couldn't afford them! Also like the XLS360 look. Thanks for your help and honesty, truly appreciated. 1Kent
Ok, So I bought the McIntosh XRT25's and I have to say they are Fantastic! It turned out to be a Great Decision and I want to thank everyone who had any input positive or negative. It is such a help to have a place where so many people know so much about gear. It is also amazing that those who never heard a set had good and bad comments. Having heard them and now owning them I can say they are a pleasure to hear and have. Thanks for all of the input everyone......I use them with McIntosh MC252, C41 and MVP861 for CD music play only, not DVD's. BTW, the MC252 amp is plenty of power for them with no issues.....
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