Anyone Know Anything On McIntosh XRT25 Speakers

I am about to buy a set of McIntosh XRT25 speakers and there is very little info on the internet. I use a McIntosh MC252 Power Amp, McIntosh C41 preamp and a McIntosh MVP831 CD player and Only for true stereo as I have a McIntosh MHT100 and Canton Ventos for my small theater setup. Questions I have about the McIntosh XRT25's are 1)are they bass deficient 2)what is their real value and 3)is there something better in the $3000-3500 range. I love great bass and that is important to me in stereo speakers. I've owned a variety of bookshelf speakers since the 60's and floor standing I've had DQ10's & 20's and didn't like lack of bass, Cerwin Vega VE115's great bass, Altec 805s didn't like lack of bass, Klipsh Chorus...great bass and others including JBL891A's. So how is the bass on the Mc XRT25's? I'm new at this so please excuse my ignorance...1kent
you'll enjoy the xrt25. are there other speakers you can get for 3k that are as good in someone's opinion? yeah..a laundry list. that said, the bass is solid and articulate.
I'm sure a lot others but only have 2000-3500 to work with why, suggestions?
This isn't trying to talk you out of the mac's...The Klipsch Cornwall used or B stock can be had around 2500, and its an great allrounder. Klipsch and mac seem to play well together..the mac amp is smooth as silk. Ohm speakers can be had new...the 100 is spectacular, and rock solid bass, as well as balanced overall...for around 2k.You could go politely with Spendors or Harbeths..a bit less polite and more lively with Reference 3a's or Coincidents,or Ruarks etc..all are among my favorites..If however those macs are in excellent to mint condition however..and if you like their character, you may find them to be the last pair of speakers you ever want. They are unique, and revered by mac affectionados and dismissed by some 'golden ears'as ordinary...but they will reward with a non fatiging flat reponse and do not favor one type of music over another. Not the last word in anything, but enjoyable and pleasing...a music guy speaker for sure.
Thanks for the help. I love Mc gear and the XRT25's are beautiful and coming from a trusted knowledgeable company and the salesman knows Mc better than anyone whom I have dealt with before and always with excellent results. I have never heard them so it is strange for me because I always listen to speakers before buying...With that said I have been told they are great while others say the don't but sound is so subjective! Those who say no have never heard them so how do they know? I listen to rock everything 50's to anything current that is good, 50's to current Jazz, Blues and Folk, Country and basically everything but opera and musicals. Absolutely Love Dianna Krall! I Play Bass and Guitar and I love listening to music at a respectable volume (not low) but I also love to really crank the set up as well. I'm 62 and listen to so many types of music. I really like tight full bass. So have you ever heard the XRT25's? I have yet to find anyone who really says they personally heard a set. Someone else said LS series but I've heard then and don't like them and someone else said XLS360. I like clarity, definition and tight bass that is full but not so up in your face at any volume. Once again, thanks for the help. The XRT25's I can get are in fantastic condition, have original boxes, manuals and what ever else came new from Mc. Confused but need to make a decision.....soon!
I think you're in a position that many have been in since the growth of internet retailing and A'gon. You're contemplating a significant purchase without an audition, which is something many of us have done I'm sure. You know what the answer to this is - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Someone could tell you the speaker is the greatest thing on earth and it could still suck in your room.

You have to make the decision - are you going to take the leap of faith and hope for the best, or just buy a new speaker you can audition at a local dealer and perhaps even in your home? With a significant purchase like that, maybe it's just best to go for something you can hear.
And there in lies the problem. Too many choices and restricted to what is available in my town. I think I'm just going to jump into the fire and get them. Everything about the specs look great and I love the look as well. You are correct it is a lot of money. Every one has an opinion and I value all the input but no one has ever heard them it appears so I guess I get to be the test guy so the next guy that ask can have an answer from someone who did hear them.....I've read a lot about XRT22's and nothing on 25's but all reviews of the 22's seem to be excellent, bottom line the XRT25's can't be all bad, just possibly different from what my expectations might be...My thanks to all who replied with their input and advice. I appreciate your time and knowledge. If there is anyone who has run this set, Please let me know. Thanks to all, 1Kent
I've been in your shoes as far as buying speakers that are an expensive purchase without having heard them. Never heard any McIntosh speakers (did used to own the MA6900 integrated). I have gambled and gotten burned more times than I've won in your situation. But, you have one thing going in your favor (your speakers and electronics will have synergy because of having an all McIntosh setup). I could never say that about any speakers I gambled on.
Thanks for the input, appreciated.
Ok, So I bought the McIntosh XRT25's and I have to say they are Fantastic! It turned out to be a Great Decision and I want to thank everyone who had any input positive or negative. It is such a help to have a place where so many people know so much about gear. It is also amazing that those who never heard a set had good and bad comments. Having heard them and now owning them I can say they are a pleasure to hear and have. Thanks for all of the input everyone......I use them with McIntosh MC252, C41 and MVP861 for CD music play only, not DVD's. BTW, the MC252 amp is plenty of power for them with no issues.....
i'm rarely envious...this in an exception. good listening.
Congrats man! Like Jaybo, I'm envious too!
Thanks guys, I appreciate the enthusiasm! I'm 62 and it has taken a ton of years to get to this level. I know there are many more systems far more expensive but this is a dream come true for me! I'll be excited for years to come <;-)