Anyone know anything about this unit?

I inherited this from my rich uncle yesterday and cannot find anyone who knows about it or the Canadian company that made it.
Vivid TX-800.sub Made in Canada Subwoofer Power Module
Model #AP-A120
I have pictures for anyone interested
Does he have any of their speakers he could give you? I've read reviews. These guys were responsible for the B&W Nautilus design, that huge funky snail like speaker. You might be able to find some info on thier web site or contact them for literature. I can assure you it's not a cheapo sub.
Hi Donjr, thanks for your response and helpful attitude. My uncle was kind of a recluse and he has passed on now and nothing more is left to share with rest of family.
No, you are right, it reeks of high-end, and supreme, quality- but of years ago.Do you know their web address or name somebody I can talk to that really knows what is up here befoe I get picked off by some sharpie? How do I really contact the real manufacturers of this unit. It might be so rare as to have historical value if it so hard to pin down??
Thanks for the lead Meadowman but I already had contacted them and they are in no way related companies. Still searching for the answer: anybody out there got any ideas what I can, or should, do with this piece of equipment? Rich in Santa Rosa, Cal.
This must be its smaller brother.[]
Another link of the same.[]
yes I think so but the one I have looks more upscale and heavier duty?What should I do with it??