Anyone know anything about the Samsung PN63B590T5?

I'm looking to buy a new plasma, 60 inches or larger. I saw the Samsung PN63B590T5 at Best Buy and it looks pretty nice. I can find it online for around $2500. Good price for the size. I want the 60 inch Kuro PDP-6020FD but I need something closer to the $3k range and it is currently at $4k. I did see some deals online that were cheaper but looking at the reviews on, it rated very poorly in red and green color reproduction. Of course it is the best with black levels.

I have not been able to find any reputable reviews online for the Samsung. The 58 inch 8 series got great reviews on Cnet and Consumer Reports but the 63 inch is a 5 series. Is there a big drop off in picture quality?

Also Pioneer is not making plasmas anymore. It concerns me that if it breaks three years from now, it will be almost impossible to repair.