Anyone know anything about the PS Audio Delta 200

Need your expert opinion thing about this to drive my ml arieus speakers and using a classe cp40 preamp this amp any good thanks for all your help!
Well, I am not familar with the 200 Delta, but I have a pair of the 250 Delta monoblocks. I belive that the two amps share similar circuitry and components inside. The main difference is that the 200 Delta is a 200W stereo amp while the 250 Deltas are 250W monoblocks. In terms of sound, they are wonderful sounding with deep powerful bass. The midrange is very smooth sounding while the highs are nice as well, although probably not as extended as some of the more expensive amps out there. I would say that the biggest strengths of this amp are its low end power and control. Vocals are very life-like and smooth, especially female vocals. The amp is very stable and runs pretty cool, no room heater here. I using the amp with a Musical Design SP-2 tube preamp and driving KEF Reference 103.4 speakers. The PS Audio Delta series were very nice amps. I believe the 100 Delta was a Stereophile Recommended component a few years back. I hope this helps.
Thanks for your answer because it was between that one and bk ref 4420 amp just not sure thanks