Anyone know anything about the new Meridian 861 v6

On the Stereophile web page; they hinted that Meridian is releasing a new surround sound processor at THE later this week; the 861 v6; skipping the v5. Anyone know if it has the new aphodizing filters built into the 808 v. ii; or if it handles hdmi and new hd audio internally without needing the HD 621 switch? Will the new Sooloos card be improved dacs for any music server; or will it only support Meridian products? I have an older 861v4.2; can't wait to see what this new update includes; and of course; if it has real world pricing...and how it stacks up with the new MacIntosh 150 surround controller..I like my 861; but can't figure out yet how to reconfigure settings on my own; always need to call the service guy out; which is a real pain and not cheap...
go to Meridian's website and download the configure utility, it's only PC but it will allow you to configure the 861 yourself. The learning curve isn't too bad.

I understand they are adding the new RJ45 connector that is on their speakers so the v6 can better control a fully digital Meridian system, and yes, they have a new card for interfacing with the Sooloos system. Not sure of any other mods though when they first spoke of this @ CEDIa two years ago it was supposed to have significantly improved audio for everything. They might have one set up @ CES, we'll see.
All the new product announcements are on the Meridian website and, also, at

It looks like all Meridian components (DSP line of speakers, 808.3, Sooloos) max out at 24/96 resolution. The SpeakerLink connection between components supports 96 kHz max. The DACs in the speakers seem to upsample to 192 kHz. So, how does one use a Sooloos to store and transmit true 24/192 content to the Meridian speakers? If this is not possible, I'll wait to buy Meridian gear until it does.