Anyone know anything about the MFA OTL monoblocks

I currently have one of them and hope to get a second or sell mine to someone else who has one. I would like to know anything anyone knows about these.
To the best of my knowledge MFA did not make such a thing. Its either not an OTL, or not an MFA. A photo would be helpful!
The plate on the front of the amp says MFA and on the other end OTL. How would you recommend that I make a picture available.
digital camera would be nice for a pic.....
Bruce Moore is the "M" in MFA. Scott Frankland (sp?) is the "F". If you can find either one, I imagine you would get the info you need. Unfortunately, I have no idea to reach either one. Bruce Moore *has* had a few ads in publications (e.g. Stereophile) in recent years, though. Stereophile - or someone here - might be able to help you find him or Scott. Good luck.
Scott Franklin is in the san jose/san fran bay area last time I heard,believe he is still offering updates to his equipment and mods on others.I will try to find the email I had from him and send it to you.
Here is the info I have on scott franklin:

Scott Frankland
11271 Enchanto Vista
San Jose, CA 95127

408-926-6731 TEL

408-926-9003 FAX (for email) (for PayPal or email)

Scott Frankland

Tube Amps & Services

Thanks folks, I am in contact with Scott and he says this was never a production amp. I will post picks soon and give more info when I get it.