Anyone know anything about the Lite DAC 50 Vacuum

Lite DAC 50 Vacuum Tube DAC I have been thinking about this DAC anyone know wnything about it? from a owners point of view.

Basically this is the same Dac offered by .
You can save your money and just order it from here Lite Dac 60.

There's a following for the Audio Mirror Dac as well. Here's the same Dac without the caps upgrade for $135 Dac AH. You can get a modder to add the Auricaps..and presto you got a Audio Mirror Dac. I found this little info on a DIY site.
Thanks. That was good to know. Money saved is always good.
Do you know anyone who can Vouch for it's sound? I never see any reviews.

I can tell you more about both DACs from personal experience. The difference is a little more than Auricaps. Check the ad here on Audiogon for more information or email me.