Anyone know anything about Electro Harmonix 6922?

The list of Electro Harmonix tubes at the New Sensor web site shows a 6922EH. Anyone know if this is just the same tube as the Sovtek with a different label? I had never seen nor heard of this tube. I know that they are a division, if you will, of Sovtek, but seem to make some of their premium stuff, like the new 12Ax7's and EL 34's that are well liked. Anyone?

I for one would love to see someone manufacture a 6922 that competes with the NOS stuff without all the NOS B.S.!
I have not heard them but I understand they spec out at 300V/2W. A 6DJ8/ECC88 specs at 130V/1.8W, a 6922/E88CC at 220V/1.8W, and a 7308/E188CC at 250V/2W. So I guess you can run them hot in AI and ARC stuff. My EH EL34s sound good, but I am a tube newbie, so YMMV.
Nowhere near as good as the NOS stuff, I'm afraid. I compared these in my BAT vs pretty reasonable NOS tubes (Amperex Holland Bugle Boy) and rarer stuff (AMperex 7308 PQ), and it really was no contest. Don't know your application or how many you need, but decent NOS tubes won't cost yu that mich unless you go for rare stiff like the PQ's or super rare stuff like CCA's. As for the EH EL34's...Svetlana's are better (I have sets of both for my CJ amps) and not that much more.
Looks like stock Sovtek 6922s have the same specs as the EHs. FWIW these are harsh in the input of my amp (Wolcotts) so even if the EHs are specially selected, Alexc is (most probably) on the money sonically. I agree with him the 7308s are special...a friend gave me a set for a holiday present...gotta thank those audio buddies, especially the ones with good taste. Extends the tube magic to the highs and lows.