Anyone know anything about Eleanor McEvoy?

I picked up her latest LP at CES based on a review in HiFi+. What a great LP! I just got a CD called "Snapshot (Ithink it's a best of) from an E-bay auction. This is just as good, other than the fact the it's CD rather than LP. Does anyone familiar with her material have a suggestion of what I should get next???
Here is the link to a couple of excellent recordings either in SACD or LP. YOLA and EARLY HOURS are both great!
Geronimo is right on, Yola and Early Hours are MUST OWNS!!!
Yola is my personal favorite from her.
I just paid $35.00 for the YOLA LP at a local dealer.
That's the most I've ever spent for 1 LP.
I'm looking for "Portrait of an Artist" on LP or CD...
Thanks I'm gonna keep looking for more of her stuff. It's fantastic. If you happen to see something available that you think I should get, let me know!
There was an extensive article on Eleanor on HiFi+ about 12 months ago - must have been 6 pages. I don't know if the article is available as a free read at the HiFi+ web site.

I have the two SACDs and a Special Edition reissue CD of "Eleanor McEvoy" on Market Square (her first album) that I bought in London last year. I'm glad you enjoy her.

what does it sound like? i have seen that she seems to be audiophool approved and had skipped her on that basis... genre?
I have her album YOLA on SACD, absolutely brilliant!

Maybe, audiophool approved, but music lover approved as well.

Beautiful piano (authoritative), wonderful voice (enveloping), and tremendous low end grunt (anyone with a subwoofer will know what I mean).

Probably her best album.
I picked up her self titled CD in '93 or '94 & it's good to hear the word is getting out about her.
I had her first recording for years and didnt think much of it. I just got YOLA having read this post. I dont how it compares with other of her efforts, but I do like it considerably better than what I had. A good recording- low key, but as noticed here she does have an authorative voice and it gets much more its due in this program. The first recording I had of her work seemed much more produced.
When I was in Ireland on a golf trip in 1993, having dinner in a pub, they were playing some really great music. What is that, I asked. They showed me the disk and I picked it up at a record shop the next day. A Woman's Heart. Features Eleanor as well as Mary Black and several other gorgeous-voiced Irish women (do they all sing so well?). A highly, highly recommended CD if you can find it. (There's also A Woman's Heart II, which never captured my fancy.)
I have a few of her discs now. I got her fist CD which unfortunately I cannot recommend. I have "Snapshots" on CD and "Early Hours" on LP. Both of those would come with a recommendation, freinds have told me that "Yola" is good too, but I can't get my hands on a copy.

Audiophool approved? Hey even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

How do you pronouce, McEvoy?
I don't remember Eleanor McEvoy, but I clearly remember Eleanor Rigby.

For some reason cannot see her image in my mind. Maybe because she's wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door?

I always wondered who it was for.
I read somewhere that her latest album is even better than Yola, but, I have not heard it so dunno. I will get the disc eventually than will know for sure. Anyway Yola is a great album in its own right.
I got Yola yesterday (waiting for the Beatles reference Albert), I had to order the CD. I have had Early Hours since CES, whenever that was!?! Without much time to listen and compare, so far I like Early Hours more. It seems a little more mature, if I can use that superlative.

Quadophile, post your thoughts when you can compare the two.

You seem to have evaluated the album in the right context as what I read also had something very similar to say about the Early Hours. I will come back when I finally get to hear it.
Quadophile, any more thoughts? I must say I have continued to enjoy Snapshots over the last month. I haven't warmed up to Yola as much as I did Early Hours, but there's still time.

I tried to pick up the album a couple of times but was out of stock,after that I totally forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me, will surely get back on this.

Next time when you remind about it I must have the album in my possession otherwise I will not be able to face you :)