Anyone know about the University Master Speaker

In the late 1950's ( probably around '57) University Speakers in White Plains, NY made a unit called The Master, having a 15" woofer, a midrange and a horn tweeter. I am led to believe it was available as either a kit with components or as an assembled unit from the factory.

I think this is the speakers that I have: for drivers: it has a C15W woofer, a T-30 midrange and a HF 206 horn tweeter, with an N-3 crossover; they are in a beautiful 6-sided mahogany cabinet - not a small box: approx. 37+" tall x 28+" wide x approx. 20" deep at the flat back side.
They've got to weigh over 100lbs/apiece.

I am presently powering them with: a McIntosh MC 2105, a Stromberg-Carlson ASP-422 or a Heathkit AA-30 - sometimes direct (since I have attenuators on all 3 ) or thru either a McIntosh MX-112 Tuner/Preamp or a Wolze Hardware Shielded Triode Line Preamp.

Since I have found very little info on these speaker cabinets, driver components or the company itself - any help regarding direct info from owners or those who know of this item, or web addresses and/or sites would be appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration... Bill Keller
I think University was more popular for PA systems than home audio. Electro Voice,JBL,and Altec Lansing,among some others seemed to be more sought after for audio. These old Radio Shack catalogs may be of some help. Link.[]