Anyone know about the Old Fisher XP-18?

Years ago I had a pair of Fisher XP-7C and it was very good. But I had moved on. Now I am building a backroom vintage stereo and I am looking hard at the Fisher XP-18. Can anyone give me their thoughts on these speakers? My room is 16X25. But I am more concerned with its ability to play relatively loud and its overall sound Quality. All you older 'philes can come on in and help me out! Your experience and issues would be very helpful.thanks guys and gals.
I bought a pair of these a few years ago at a garage sale. The lady just wanted to get rid of them. They were in decent shape for $5.00 figured I couldn't go wrong.To put it nicely I know why Fisher was not known for their speakers. Dropped them off at the local dump, guy down the street picked them up. Week later he had them on the curb. That said everyone has an opinion. If you could listen to them before you buy why not, other wise they are large and heavy and a PITA to get rid of. YMMV TG
Thanks for the input. Going back to older systems, be they good in their day or not, is much harder than one realizes. I will definitely be much wiser! Guess I will have to give you another speaker I once had long ago and see what you think! Again, thanks for being the devils advocate.
I own a pair of XP-18. There must have been something wrong with the ones you had, probably old capacitors.

If you want to run tubes, but like bass, I doubt any single speaker is going to beat these for the money. The 18" woofer takes very little to get going and goes remarkably low.

The midrange leaves something to be desired. That goes without saying considering it's an old paper mid of poor design.

The tweeters are just OK.

They definitely sound better than any AR I've heard. Overall, for a nice vintage speaker in a good looking cabinet and good sensitivity, they really can't be beat when priced right.