Anyone know about New York Acoustic speakers??

I found a pair of New York Acoustics Inc speakers at a thrift shop, they are about 2 feet all with a sock and arrayed tweeters, heavy little suckers and they do suck a bit of power, like my bryston 3b drove them nicely, they sound pretty good. I tried finding info on them but came up with nothing. Does anyone know anything about these speakers or the company? They marked serial numbers 113 and 114, so they are matched, model 8-2.
Here is a link on this site
Email the member who mentioned owning them and see where that leads you.
Years later, and I just stumbled across your thread via Google. I, too, was looking for info about New York Acoustics, and interestingly enough, I have 111 and 112, which I bought new from the company. I'm curious, did you ever find anything out re: whatever happened to Jim Cox or his company?

New York Acoustics was started by Jim Cox who had previously work at New York Audio Labs along with Andy Fuchs...Fuchs Audio. The two shared a room in a warehouse located in Yonkers, N.Y. I believe the company was started in the mid 70's and lasted up until late 80's or early 90's. The model 8-2 represented a 8" woofer and 2-way X over. I would stop by every now and then to BS and pick up parts. Jim was a great guy!
8.2 were a late model. They were the last of the production run before NYA closed down. Jim stayed in the NY area and then moved back to California. If I remember right, the 8.2 retailed for about $1500 or a little less for the pair. The drivers were Dynaudio and Seas.
I just came across this thread years later while searching for NYA. I worked with Jim at the shop in the mid 1980s until just before the shop closed down. I don't know what became of Jim but I believe I have an old catalog at home somewhere which may have more details about the various NYA speakers. I'll try to find it and scan it.

Hi Robert woozy

I have someone locally that selling a pair of bookshelf and subwoofer made by New York acoustics I wanted to know if you can send any information regarding their speaker line or the brochure that you said you would upload.

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