Anyone know a good tech in NYC for Tubes?

I have an couple older tub amps kicking around that I wanted to have someone go through. Anyone have a shop they trust in the NYC area?


Down in the Philly area, but Bob and Gary Backert come highly recommended.
36 East 29th st
212 725 8778
ask for Mike
Has repaired McIntosh and ARC current tube units and Marantz receiver from 1970s for me. All good.

If you can get out to Queens you can give Scott Grammlich a call.

SG Custom Sound

40-33 235th Street
Douglaston, NY 11363


Scott has fixed various gear for me and he has always been professional and has done quality work. Whenever I've been to his shop he has some kind of tube amp on his bench.

Also check out this thread for more info about techs in the NY area.

Good luck