Anyone know???

Does anyone know if there's a member list for the " Insider Forum" ????

Cheers George
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That's "Need to Know." Above your pay grade.

Na not above mine, maybe yours.
I just wanted to know what the impartial knowledge base is like and if any snake oil/voodooist have joined.

Cheers George
Can someone explain "insider forum"? Is it like the Critics Corner over at AA?
They don't need a list as there are 4 guys.
There goes my theory of a triumvirate. 
I am a member but I am extremely busy discovering new ways
 to "coat " speaker drivers so as not to make them sound worse but extract more money from audiophiles who think that represents technical advancements...please do not disturb me..... 
Na your better of turning ac fuses around the other way, HUGE, MEGA difference, transforms your system!

Will that increase your electric bill????
Will that increase your electric bill????
Na, it actually makes your meter spin backward and an they give you money back, as your feeding electricity back into the grid.

Cheers George
And I thought only solar panels could do that!