Anyone into GOMEZ?

I have a College Station sampler with a Gomez tune wich seems to be gaining steam I believe it is called "Inside Out" and it has a pretty cool sound, anyone have the CD?
gomez kick ass. british band with americana sound.

I believe you are talking about the song "how we operate" on their new album, which doesn't hold a candle to the older stuff.

I think Bring it On and Liquid Skin are their best albums.
I have one of their live albums.
it's not bad.
Saw some more in the used section yesterday and might have to go back to get them.
yes it is "how we operate" I also bought a double disc by then today.
Adams?? YES!! :-)
my double is "out west"
Yeah. Check out their live show (downloadable) on NPR's All Songs Considered website. Very cool show.
He was great in the "Adams Family" - a much better show than that other one! :-)

I think the actor, John Aston, passed saway a few years ago but at one time was married to Patty Duke if memory recalls correctly.
One of my favorite albums ever - something I first heard on a plane coming back from the UK - that rarity that sounds good in the car and on the hi-fi!
I think pretty much everything they've done is great and their live shows are stupendous. I've taken at least 8 people who never heard of them to see them and all have been blown away. In addition to Bring it on, Liquid Skin, and the live album (nice overview), In Our Gun is also great.
I've got a fantasic track from 808 State featuring Gomez - Ultramarine!!! Not the regular one that you've heard. I ripped it off of cable radio back in like '97 - phenominal!!!
Liquid Skin: great album.
I voted for Pedro!