Anyone into Fat Posum Records?

Been listening to their records for a few years now and most everything they release is good. Mainly a blues label, they are putting out some of the most raw delta blues as well as some progressive blues. They also have some rock offerings that aren't bad. The recording quality is hit or miss but the music is great. They have three sampler discs out that they sell for about $5 each(some guy on ebay is selling them for $7+shipping). The rest of their stuff is $11/album. Quite a few of their releses are available on viynl too. Check it out if you get a chance.
I like some things-
I liked the Hasil Adkins release they did a few years ago, and I put out a Hasil 45 myself.
Hasil unfortunetely passed away this year, but his hunching memory lives on.
Many Fat Possum Artists are truly great


I only have a few of their titles, mainly R.L. Burnside and Asie Payton. The recording/mastering on some of the material is not the greatest but the music is totally AMAZING!!
I am a vivid fan of the blues and I am not particular found of the Fat Posum sound. But if that is the label that the aritst signed with, Fat Posum is where the sound will be found. I prefer the Blue Horizon, Excello, Flyright, original King Label, Wolf, Black & Blue, the list is long. Fat posum artists are by far some of the best.
I love their info/mailing list card where they ask all the usual questions like name, address, interests, yearly income and then at the bottom they supply a small outlined box where they ask you to outline your front door key...