Anyone into DIY speaker?

I am not sure how many in this forum been experementing with diy speakers. After selling a very musical sounding pair of Living Voice, I decided to build my own speakers. Here is a picture of a pair of speaker I've just recently finished (without the finishing veneer layer):

Even my speaker cables are diy type using Cat5 cable. The MTM was made with Vifa woofer and Scan Speak 95000 tweeter. The smaller pair has Seas Exel W18 and Aurum Cantus ribon tweeter. It's interesting that when you make your owner speaker, you get to tweek and do all sort of things to your liking.
The Seas Exel driver is pretty amazing. I think it is probably the best in term of reproducing the human voice. It is full without sounding congested and has a very natural warmness that is very pleasing. The bass is slightly warmer than paper cone driver.
Of the two, the larger MTM probably has better soundstage size and details, but the smaller pair exels in reproducing the human voice. One is slightly more analytical (at least with my rather budget solid state amp) and the other is more of a sit-back-and-listen type of speaker.
The total cost for both is about 1500.
I've had some luck building large line-arrays.My next project is an open baffle speaker:Fontec tweeter,Dynaudio mids and a self powered Dayton IB woofer for the bottom.When I finish this pair,I will post photos and parts list,along with sonic impressions/tweeks.
Which one do you prefer? Living Voice or your DIY?